Caesar Collaborative Robot Platform

Industrial quality robots made incredibly affordable and easy to use.
Built for collaborative manufacturing and artificial intelligence research.

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Caesar Base Specifications:

  • 6 DOF + neck + end effector (gripper default)
  • Modular end effector: welder, solder gun, or custom
  • Durable steel and aluminum construction
  • 80cm reach (human arm length)
  • 3kg max payload
  • +/- 1mm repeatability
  • 80 deg/s joint rotation speeds
  • Inertial Measurement Units on every joint
  • Wrist + Neck Vision Sensors
  • Neck Depth Sensor
  • Standard wall outlet powered (120V/15A)
  • Tablet + USB laptop + Joystick interfaces
  • Bulk order deals and integration services

Base Price: $1999.95 USD

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Caesar is affordable, easy to setup, and stocked with sensors. Ideal for research in robotics, AI, computer vision, deep learning, and more.



Let Caesar be your low cost welding assistant. Intuitive tablet interface lets blue collar workers set up weld paths and patterns.



Caesar is ideal for a range of automation applications in electronics, such as soldering, assembly, pick-and-place, testing, and more.



Teach the next generation of engineers and manufacturers how to work with collaborative robots and drive the future economy.

Caesar for Research

To drive forward research in robotics and artificial intelligence, we believe that high quality robots must become more accessible to more researchers. Caesar is affordable, sensor-equipped, and has a super easy setup: plug power into the wall, plug USB into your laptop, and use our Python API to easily control the robot, grab sensor info, and start using your favorite machine learning libraries.

We also offer bulk sale discounts to set up multi-robot learning environments, so you don't have to be Google to collect data from a room full of robots.

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Caesar for Welding

We aim to be the easiest to use and setup robotic welding solution on the market, available at never-before-seen price points. Ideal for small and medium sized businesses who want to augment their welding production capabilities without making multi-million dollar investments, or needing professional roboticists on staff.

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Caesar for Electronics

With its compact size, high precision, and low price point, Caesar is ideally suited to a multitude of assembly and testing applications in the electronics industry. Use Caesar to start automating soldering, assembly, testing, pick-and-place, and more.

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Caesar for Education

Inspire and teach the next generation of engineers, entrepreneurs, and manufacturers. We didn't have computer labs in every college until the quality of computers started becoming integral for business, as well as affordable. Now we're on the cusp of having "robot labs" where students will learn to program and use collaborative robots, which will continue to become a bigger and bigger part of the economy.

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Big Solve Robotics: Our Story

Inspired by amazing robotics and AI research we saw in the last few years, we decided to buy our own robot for research - until we learned that they had starting costs of at least $30K. And they were incredibly hard to use with proprietary software. Our other option was to play around with small robot toys that couldn't do anything useful.

It seemed like something was missing in the robotics landscape. Why are more businesses not using automation technology? Why do so few universities and colleges have robots for their engineering and computer science students to use? Why are existing robots so expensive and hard to use for anyone but a larger company?

These are the big challenges we set out to address with Big Solve Robotics.

BSR was founded in February 2016 and is led by James Schuback and Oliver Gergelj. The two engineering graduates from the University of Toronto draw on their diverse experience in electronics and semiconductors, structural mechanics, software engineering, robotics, wearable computing, data science, and machine learning. Our journey has taken us from our garage all the way to China, as we continue to push the frontiers on robot design.

The venture is currently at an advanced prototyping and pilot trial stage, and is seeking seed funding to grow the team and reach product production.

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For all inquiries from customers, investors, and partners, please e-mail us and we will respond within 48 hours.